Metro Detroit's Rap & Hip-Hop artists are coming out of the abyss and ruins through their music....

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If your an aspiring or accomplished Hip-Hop Rapper and want a chance to break out... let's talk. We can feature you and your team on these pages and revenue share the online download sales of your music tracks. We also list Detroit Rap artists on  and other rap and hip-hop venues as a value add service.
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» Value Added Expertise in digital music and video products allowing you to earn money from your talent online sales and studio recording partners can assume full  responsibilities for breakout artists using our years of experience working with of Metro Detroit rap and hip-hop groups. We help getting your talent exposed to music buyers seeking to keep it real in the D. Preview all our services as we build out this web site to expose those helping Detroit get out of the Aabyss.... Shopping Mall for everything our Urban fans need to be real! Support our site by getting bargains sold in our shopping mall.

» About Our Music Contract and Promotion Services

With extensive experience working with local Rap and Hip-Hop artist needing a jump start on the career, Bill Phillips and his industry contacts want you to succeed right out of the gate. We are your online sales and PR agent for all career launching efforts. Successfully developing your music brand begins with generating a loyal audience with steps  including:

  • Concert videos and local bar video clips
  • Exposure here including photos and life story profiles
  • post your local Detroit appearance schedules and link to your facebook pages
  • We list you music at venues like which annually distributes $millions to Rap stars worldwide.
  • MP3 downloads with pre-sampling music clips to let potential fans hear you loud & clear.
  • Local recording studio contacts and introductions for making professional sound tracks
  • Exposure here will lead to club bookings and give you street cred with your fans
  • We can sell your individual sound tracks or complete albums taking the smallest fee in the industry

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» Why chose for exposing your music and poetic lyrics to the world?

Let us introduce you to talent, PR and booking agencies who are in the business of booking artists like you for real paychecks. Agents like are important because they help to keep you working by soliciting your live act to a rolodex of different local club and concert promoters, nightclub owners and managers. add to that the parties, college events, Detroit Rap music festivals and events, regional live performance venues, etc. etc. We work to get gigs for you or your group.

  • Our digital music download experience is coupled with the ability to feature your tacks on Web streaming radio stations.
  • Note: Make sure the agency has the connections with the right promoters and clubs to keep your money coming in from live performances.
  • Our prototypes have helped our clients demonstrate their ideas as well as fine tune the product for production. Our experienced engineers have worked with most design tools and carefully maintain those that are most useful for our business.
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  • With the internet and everything today it is fairly easy to become a rap artist. All you have to do is actually record rap music and technically you are a rap artist the moment your music is listed for sale

So you want to rap. You love listening to Dr. Dre, 2Pac and DMX. Maybe you know all the lyrics to Eminem's second and third albums. You can rap it up with the best of them. However, you are just now getting the idea that maybe this is something that you can do. It's best to smart with the little leagues. You can work your way up to the majors. Being a successful local rap artist is essential before moving your way up the ranks to a national rap star. Don't waste any time in starting on this path without agent help .... Read more About music career launch Projects



 Call 586-244-7665 and get details on listing your songs here at

» Unmatched Expertise in getting new Rap groups immediate exposure and revenue from their music tracks....


    You should seek only to sign with a talent and booking agency for at most, one year. That's the way we contract... year by year. This way, you will have an out if things don’t happen as expected.
  • There are actually many, many booking agents out there, so finding another agent to represent you should not be too difficult when you have on your resume. You should have enough confidence in your personal agency/manager to assist in handling your career and keeping tract of the online music sales and club bookings.
  • You provide studio quality or MP3 type original music files and cover group or individual artist photos aqnd we take it from there.

Expect to pay nearly all talent and booking agents a commission of 10% of the income that’s generated by their bookings. And although it’s not always possible, seek to pay on your “net” take after expenses. Of course, whatever the commission is, if your music agent is keeping you paid, and the gigs are good, don’t stress. The bottom line is, “If you’re planning on performing… so that money is always being generated night-to-night, you will need a good talent agent!”

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Self Help Instructions for getting started as a Rap Star...


    • 1

      Write your own music. Lyrics are the foundation, heart and soul of any rap song. Make sure that you have strong lyrics. Dig deeply into your soul, and write the truth from your heart. You don't have to come from a place of great drama in order to have a lot on your heart and mind. Think about the places in Detroit that makes your heart just aches. Express your feelings in the music.

    • 2

      Record the lyrics with your own unique beats. There are now ways to record a demo at home, but it's best to get into the Metro Detroit recording studios. Expect to spend from the low hundreds to low thousands in order to record a modest demo in a professional format. Asking friends and fans for financial help, or recording at a recommended local studio on a free day or let us get you a discounted rate to decrease that amount.

    • 3

      Send your demo to all the local clubs and performance spaces shown in local entertainment mags. Follow up by placing a call to those in charge of local hang outs. Ask about the response to your demo. Be firm, and be sincere. Get yourself gigs by being persistent and hang with fellow Rappers.

    • 4

      Invite everybody you know to support you when playing locally. Also get us to invite record producers and other booking agents in Detroit. Get the word out about your music or let us do it for you.

    • 5

      Create a facebook page or use this website to include ways to download your music with a  link to purchase your sound tracks, demo disk or album. Let everyone know how to  contact you or your agent. You should also put up photographs from past shows, and try to have someone videotape live performances in order to showcase them on this website and Youtube as well.

    • 6

      Promote yourself in every way possible. Hand out brochures and cards, send your music to record labels and give out a business card to everybody you meet in clubs, bars and parties... or get us to do it for you!

 The rap and Hip-Hop music industry is flooded with aspiring rappers who want to be a successful artist in the field. However, it takes a strong work ethic, belief in the music craft, a supportive team, lot's of tallent and a bit of luck to become world-renowned like some of today's hottest rappers.... Read more About US

OUR MISSION: To launch your Hip-Hop and Rap music career and help you and your group out of the Aabyss called Detroit. We do the heavy lifting as to online digital music track sales and you provide the talent and work ethic.

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